This boudoir shoot is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

At a secret location, where almost nobody goes,
amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland,
we will capture a boudoir shoot in nature at sunrise. Photographers Isabelle Hattink,
Elaine Barker  and Jill Streefland
invite you to a unique photoshoot that captures
your feminine beauty.
All three of us have personally experienced this
and thought, it’s so amazing,
we HAVE to share it with other women!
It’s an experience you’ll never forget
and truly touches you from within.

You really want to experience this!

This exclusive photoshoot takes place on August 28th or 29th, and spots are limited. We are happy to advise you on which hotel to book for an optimal experience. Come and celebrate your freedom and femininity and let yourself be enchanted by nature during this adventure that we will experience with a select group of women. Be one of the lucky ones and book your spot now for this unforgettable experience.

Contact us: for more information and availability.

Tip: Book a few extra days to explore vibrant Dublin.

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